Write That Shit Down!

Have you ever sat in class, or anywhere really and heard a combination of words that just sounded right. Well my friends and I were fond of creating possible band names, you know for whenever we make that gypsy cabaret all girl band with the exception of the drummer who is a gay male. I would play the violin.  My favorites are in bold.

1. The Religious Women Who Turn On the Faucet Whilst They Pee
2. The Ill-Tempered Children
3. The Lactating Milkmaids
4. The Superlatives
5. The Homosexual Garden Gnomes
6. Jerking Off to the Sounds of Mozart
7. The Shakespearean Daughters of the American Revolution
8. Deep Vain Thrombosis
9. Attendu Perdu
10. The Lemons From Yemen
11. The Aqueous Reactions
12. Winifred, John Mead, and Mildred
13. Arbiter of American Taste
14. Haymarket Radicals
15. Nocturnal Emmisions
16. The Suffragettes
17. Protestant by Nature

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