the server understood the request but is refusing to fulfill it

Lately, everyone has been sensitive, and its pissing me off. Usually I am the sensitive one, but lately I’ve been cold. I’ve begun to not let things get to me too much. My entire life I have always had a bad temper, but now rather than snapping at them or getting really worked up I refuse to show any emotion. Superficially of course. I am still human and I react to it on my own time. But if you upset/hurt me you’ll probably get a cold silent face staring back at you

Recently, there was an incident that really for the lack of a better term pissed me off. For the sake of being polite I will keep this very vague. So vague its not even worth it. Anyways, I am in high school in case you were not aware. Its my senior year which means , college applications, scholarships, and crazy sex and drugs. Well not really the last part at all. I just needed a third item. So I was applying for a scholarship a major one and I needed a recommender. Being the procrastinator that I am I asked quite late, like a few days late, like day of late. The person I asked agreed to do it for me, despite the short notice which I did apologize for. To make a long story short the person did not come through, I was mad, the person was mad that I was mad at them and is now mad at me. So in the words of the Cheshire Cat, “We’re all Mad Here”  Point being it ended bad. I knew this person quite a while and got along with them, and now I suppose this whole fiasco put an end to that.

I still don’t feel like I am at fault here. I don’t think that will ever change. I refuse to even provide a fake apology. I rarely apologize, I get that from my mother. If I am positive I did nothing wrong you can bet your life you won’t be getting any “I’m Sorry” from me. Unless I need something from you. Thats a fact. It hurts to own up to your mistakes, I know I have a major sense of pride and I tend to admit apologizing when I’m wrong. I know that makes me a bad person, but god I hate saying those words two words. It makes me feel so little. Maybe the person I mentioned above is having the same dilema. I can’t say for sure, but that tingling feeling in my ovaries makes me think thats the case. On a lighter note I will leave you with a picture from my trip to Solvang, California, the cutest damn town you have ever seen.

Cute little candy store

Can I live here?

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