Oh Yeah! Now cover it in chocolate! Oh Yeah!

I recently made these lovely cake balls, of course inspired by the lovely Bakerella. In this I used Yellow Cake Mix (shhh I know I prefer making my own but I was short on time and money!) Added some mushed up bananas, and let my mind go crazy. After baking and adding the frosting, I rolled the balls. Which was harder than expected! The cake was still a bit warm and it fell apart at times in my hand. I froze them for about an hour. Then went to town dipping them in chocolate and covering them in sprinkles. Looks good no? I want to make more soon, but its such a hassle. I need someone willing to roll some balls for free. Any takers before I head to craigslist?

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Write That Shit Down!

Have you ever sat in class, or anywhere really and heard a combination of words that just sounded right. Well my friends and I were fond of creating possible band names, you know for whenever we make that gypsy cabaret all girl band with the exception of the drummer who is a gay male. I would play the violin.  My favorites are in bold.

1. The Religious Women Who Turn On the Faucet Whilst They Pee
2. The Ill-Tempered Children
3. The Lactating Milkmaids
4. The Superlatives
5. The Homosexual Garden Gnomes
6. Jerking Off to the Sounds of Mozart
7. The Shakespearean Daughters of the American Revolution
8. Deep Vain Thrombosis
9. Attendu Perdu
10. The Lemons From Yemen
11. The Aqueous Reactions
12. Winifred, John Mead, and Mildred
13. Arbiter of American Taste
14. Haymarket Radicals
15. Nocturnal Emmisions
16. The Suffragettes
17. Protestant by Nature

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the server understood the request but is refusing to fulfill it

Lately, everyone has been sensitive, and its pissing me off. Usually I am the sensitive one, but lately I’ve been cold. I’ve begun to not let things get to me too much. My entire life I have always had a bad temper, but now rather than snapping at them or getting really worked up I refuse to show any emotion. Superficially of course. I am still human and I react to it on my own time. But if you upset/hurt me you’ll probably get a cold silent face staring back at you

Recently, there was an incident that really for the lack of a better term pissed me off. For the sake of being polite I will keep this very vague. So vague its not even worth it. Anyways, I am in high school in case you were not aware. Its my senior year which means , college applications, scholarships, and crazy sex and drugs. Well not really the last part at all. I just needed a third item. So I was applying for a scholarship a major one and I needed a recommender. Being the procrastinator that I am I asked quite late, like a few days late, like day of late. The person I asked agreed to do it for me, despite the short notice which I did apologize for. To make a long story short the person did not come through, I was mad, the person was mad that I was mad at them and is now mad at me. So in the words of the Cheshire Cat, “We’re all Mad Here”  Point being it ended bad. I knew this person quite a while and got along with them, and now I suppose this whole fiasco put an end to that.

I still don’t feel like I am at fault here. I don’t think that will ever change. I refuse to even provide a fake apology. I rarely apologize, I get that from my mother. If I am positive I did nothing wrong you can bet your life you won’t be getting any “I’m Sorry” from me. Unless I need something from you. Thats a fact. It hurts to own up to your mistakes, I know I have a major sense of pride and I tend to admit apologizing when I’m wrong. I know that makes me a bad person, but god I hate saying those words two words. It makes me feel so little. Maybe the person I mentioned above is having the same dilema. I can’t say for sure, but that tingling feeling in my ovaries makes me think thats the case. On a lighter note I will leave you with a picture from my trip to Solvang, California, the cutest damn town you have ever seen.

Cute little candy store

Can I live here?

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What do you mean you aren’t sure if it’s vanilla soy milk!?

I know catchy title right. So today I had a potluck to go to with a group of close friends among that group is my friend Violet. She recently went vegan. This made me reconsider our friendship, as I am sure you understand. I am kidding of course, but this decision did upset me as I had cooking and baking recently peak my interest, this limited what I could cook for her. In any case I wanted to make my usual go to pasta from The Pioneer Woman. But I had to do without the heavy cream, and butter.  So me and my friend we improvised.


We started off by adding 16 oz. of farfalle pasta to a pot of boiling water, and let it do its thing.

Then we chopped 1 onion 3 cloves of garlic and some parsley (feel free to change this up a little less garlic, a little more, whatever floats your boat.

Then onto the vegan heav cream substitute: We decided to make a mixture of soy milk and tofu. I wasn’t exact on measurements but at the end you want 1 cup of the mixture.

I used about 3/4's of the cut up portion

So in your handy dandy blender you mix up the soy milk and tofu, use your best judgement for consistency. In the end it was a bit grainy, in the visual sense not the textural sense, you could clearly see the tofu bits in there. I used regular firm tofu you may want to use silken tofu, but we couldn’t get our hands on it so we improvised.


This is our heavy cream substitute, 1 cup shall do.

Okay so now you want to add 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil, make sure its extra virgin none of that slutty stuff. (I am kidding I am not quite sure what happens if you use other oil I just prefer EVOO) to a large skillet and let that heat up.

Next in add your cut up onion and garlic. (amount will vary depending on personal taste)

Once thats been in there and cooked up a bit add in 16 oz. of tomato sauce (2 8 oz. cans )

Stir in in for a bit and let it mingle with the flavors in the pan

Next I added the mixture in. I was a bit worried since, it had a different texture, but I put that aside and continued. I proceeded to add some seasonings. I never measure my seasonings I go by taste. I added garlic salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. After I had a taste. Okay so this had me worried it was sweet. Too sweet. Almost vanilla ice cream sweet. I turned to Violet and asked, “Was it vanilla soy milk?” In return I got a concerned look and she expressed to me that she wasn’t sure. Now that I look back I remember her smelling the cup and saying “Mmm this smells good”. Now granted I have never tasted soy milk so I can’t really say, but as I was blending I could detect a faint smell of vanilla sweetness, but disregarded it. We are still unsure, since she wont go check her fridge to tell me. It has been confirmed ladies and gentlemen that it was in fact vanilla soy milk! In any case it wasn’t disgusting it was just strange, I compensated by adding more tomato sauce and seasonings. Bring on the pepper!

Is it vanilla? We may never know!

After a few more tastes, I adjusted it and it was in fact tasty. I am not lying I swear. All was well.

Next we strained the pasta… strained? Drained? What’s the correct term? Anyways we removed the water and added it to the pan. Gave it a stir and added in the parsley.

The finished product! With no vanilla taste.

So that was all the pasta turned out great! Everyone loved it, and all was right in the kitchen of Alexis and Violet. Until next time.

*I did enjoy this dish however next time I would choose silken tofu and preferably plain soy milk, although I am still not sure if in fact it was flavored. Update coming soon! I look forward to sharing more recipes and trying out new techniques.

**Important update! It has been confirmed ladies and gentlemen that it was in fact vanilla soy milk! I think I did great considering there was no vanilla taste left, just a sweet and creamy tomato flavor to it. So if I could make some damn good pasta with VANILLA soy milk I am sure using plain would be a lot better.


1 medium onion

3 cloves of garlic

2 T. of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

16 oz. of tomato sauce

160z. of pasta (your choice I used farfalle)

Handful of chopped of parsley (add basil if you have any!)

Seasonings (Garlic salt, Ground Black Pepper, Red Pepper Flakes)

1 cup of heavy cream or heavy cream substitute.

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