Merry Christmas! Buy me things!

Just because I am a pretentious little brat.

I will love you forever if you get me this in 8.5 women’s please!!


Mugs: I really really love mugs, especially the novelty kind that are cute, and witty. I just prefer large mugs, since I drink large amounts of coffee.

Necklaces and Bracelets: No I don’t mean the fancy diamond ones, I don’t care much for those. I really like vintage looking type of jewelry or earthy/woodsy.

Bags: I really like messenger bags, if you get me a medium sized messenger bag that doesnt have studs,diamonds, or any designs on it I will be happy. Preferably in black or navy.

Scarves: Simple ones, non frilly furry, or anything crazy. A long cozy scarf of any color.

Garden Gnomes, Octopi, Victorian/Vintage figurines anything strange.

Candles: I am a candle fanatic, but can be picky with scents. I like fruity/tropical/sweet scents. Best candles are from Bath and Body works. Or home fragrance oils work too, I already have a burner.

Specifics: For those that find it difficult to shop for me

Mole Skin Journal:in green or red with a really nice pen


Hot Couture-Givenchy


Miss Dior Cherie-Dior

So Hooked on Carmella-Benefit


Anything by Chuck Palahnuik that is not Fight Club, Invisible Monsters, Haunted, or Lullaby

Dvds: Golden Girls Complete series

Documentaries on Murders (it is okay don’t call the school psychologist)

Gift Cards: Borders, Bath and Body Works, MAC, Sephora, Pier 1, Target

Favorite Colors: Black, Navy, Green, Dark Purple, and Dark red.

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