Who are you calling a procrastinator? Oh me? That would be correct. Cookies anyone?

Today I had big plans to go to the new Inglot store that opened in Fashion Island in Irvine. I decided to wake up extra early and wash some clothes. I went to sleep at around 2 a.m and woke up at 7:30 am.  I was all ready and excited to go …then I called my sister. She said we would go next weekend. *sigh*. I went about my Sunday, watching the Golden Girls and the Craft. I know I am  a party animal. After a trip to get some much needed groceries with my parents and a trip to Target, and after a disgusting meal at Del Taco I got home and procrastinated. I put it off even longer by deciding to bake some cookies.  I made these bad boys


Unfortunatley they were really bad. The first batch I made burned. It was dead. Gone. Even my dad who loves burned food said, “You want me to throw those away for you?”. I had some supplies left so after another attempt they came out decent. My mistake was making them too large. I made 24 in the 1st batch and the second time I made them I got 36. Anyways I am not a baker, I try and stick to cooking, but I am trying my best to improve. Next time Ill get em!

Anyways I have far too much homework to do. For my AP Literature class I have to write an essay and take a position on whether or not Willy Lowman is a tragic hero.  Our teacher has expressed great disappointment in our work. I wish I could turn out a mind blowing essay and BAM get a 9. Not tonight. Next I have some question for my Marine Biology class. I stopped paying attention. The atmosphere isn’t productive and I have lost interest. Sue me. Finally I will be in a debate “Is Barbie detrimental to young girls?” I took the pro side. So I need to do that research. Finally, on a Sunday night tradition I need to wash my clothes.  I hate Sundays.

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