Willy Lowman Wears Short Shorts in December

After many failed attempts at forming a blog I decided to go through with one at last.  I always thought it was pretentious to think that people actually posted their whole god damn life story and expected people to give a damn. I decided to make one even if there are a million other blogs out there.  This blog will be pretty consistent as far as content goes. It will consist of anecdotes, thoughts, makeup, life,  and school.  Ill try and keep this as updated as possible. My goal will be to update 3 times a week. Stay posted for some more…well posts heh. If you are wondering about the title of my blog, its the title of a little project I am working on. Some people know, but for the most part it wont be done anytime soon. Im talking maybe 10 years down the line if I am lucky.

Anywho it is 12:30 am on a Aaturday…well now Sunday morning. I despise Sundays it’s a sick reminder that I have to get back to work soon. Speaking of work I have been slacking on my school work lately. I have just felt unmotivated to put much effort into my work or even improve it. Ever since I began applying to college I feel as if nothing really matters, unless my grades drop, well then it really matters. For the most part I do my work, I just don’t do it as well as I should. I have an essay due regarding “Death of a Salesman” being a tragedy or not. I have a feeling this essay will be a tragedy. Oh well

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