I Wish I Had Come Up With This

-Love Song of the Fly-Mirah and Spectratone International

I take offer of your open window, oh
and permit myself the nearness of you
even just the scent of what you’ve left behind
drives me in circles of lust
oh your crumbs and your dust

I enter each room and perform for you
might you love me alone for my skill and grace
how we tease and chase
this song for you I hum in your favorite key
please render me adoringly

But sweet ribbons you vex me
when your treachery holds me fast
my adoration only led me straight into your trap
I beheld them a gift for me
never dreamed they would extinguish me
though perfumed, my wings are torn
a fallen warrior

Oh why do you despise me
Only criticize me
your wrath collides with the love that resides
in kaleidoscope eyes
you care not for my speed and bravery
you only think me base and dirty
but I love you still darling
multiplying in my eyes

I wished only to care for you
make beautiful your castaways
you see all life is bound with this grace
I regenerate hope with
every morsel on which I feed
and in return all I ask is compassion and tenderness
that’s all any lover really needs

And now you know
I cherished you so
I’ll perish, though
become your dust

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Merry Christmas! Buy me things!

Just because I am a pretentious little brat.

I will love you forever if you get me this in 8.5 women’s please!!



Mugs: I really really love mugs, especially the novelty kind that are cute, and witty. I just prefer large mugs, since I drink large amounts of coffee.

Necklaces and Bracelets: No I don’t mean the fancy diamond ones, I don’t care much for those. I really like vintage looking type of jewelry or earthy/woodsy.

Bags: I really like messenger bags, if you get me a medium sized messenger bag that doesnt have studs,diamonds, or any designs on it I will be happy. Preferably in black or navy.

Scarves: Simple ones, non frilly furry, or anything crazy. A long cozy scarf of any color.

Garden Gnomes, Octopi, Victorian/Vintage figurines anything strange.

Candles: I am a candle fanatic, but can be picky with scents. I like fruity/tropical/sweet scents. Best candles are from Bath and Body works. Or home fragrance oils work too, I already have a burner.

Specifics: For those that find it difficult to shop for me

Mole Skin Journal:in green or red with a really nice pen


Hot Couture-Givenchy


Miss Dior Cherie-Dior

So Hooked on Carmella-Benefit


Anything by Chuck Palahnuik that is not Fight Club, Invisible Monsters, Haunted, or Lullaby

Dvds: Golden Girls Complete series

Documentaries on Murders (it is okay don’t call the school psychologist)

Gift Cards: Borders, Bath and Body Works, MAC, Sephora, Pier 1, Target

Favorite Colors: Black, Navy, Green, Dark Purple, and Dark red.

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Who are you calling a procrastinator? Oh me? That would be correct. Cookies anyone?

Today I had big plans to go to the new Inglot store that opened in Fashion Island in Irvine. I decided to wake up extra early and wash some clothes. I went to sleep at around 2 a.m and woke up at 7:30 am.  I was all ready and excited to go …then I called my sister. She said we would go next weekend. *sigh*. I went about my Sunday, watching the Golden Girls and the Craft. I know I am  a party animal. After a trip to get some much needed groceries with my parents and a trip to Target, and after a disgusting meal at Del Taco I got home and procrastinated. I put it off even longer by deciding to bake some cookies.  I made these bad boys


Unfortunatley they were really bad. The first batch I made burned. It was dead. Gone. Even my dad who loves burned food said, “You want me to throw those away for you?”. I had some supplies left so after another attempt they came out decent. My mistake was making them too large. I made 24 in the 1st batch and the second time I made them I got 36. Anyways I am not a baker, I try and stick to cooking, but I am trying my best to improve. Next time Ill get em!

Anyways I have far too much homework to do. For my AP Literature class I have to write an essay and take a position on whether or not Willy Lowman is a tragic hero.  Our teacher has expressed great disappointment in our work. I wish I could turn out a mind blowing essay and BAM get a 9. Not tonight. Next I have some question for my Marine Biology class. I stopped paying attention. The atmosphere isn’t productive and I have lost interest. Sue me. Finally I will be in a debate “Is Barbie detrimental to young girls?” I took the pro side. So I need to do that research. Finally, on a Sunday night tradition I need to wash my clothes.  I hate Sundays.

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Willy Lowman Wears Short Shorts in December

After many failed attempts at forming a blog I decided to go through with one at last.  I always thought it was pretentious to think that people actually posted their whole god damn life story and expected people to give a damn. I decided to make one even if there are a million other blogs out there.  This blog will be pretty consistent as far as content goes. It will consist of anecdotes, thoughts, makeup, life,  and school.  Ill try and keep this as updated as possible. My goal will be to update 3 times a week. Stay posted for some more…well posts heh. If you are wondering about the title of my blog, its the title of a little project I am working on. Some people know, but for the most part it wont be done anytime soon. Im talking maybe 10 years down the line if I am lucky.

Anywho it is 12:30 am on a Aaturday…well now Sunday morning. I despise Sundays it’s a sick reminder that I have to get back to work soon. Speaking of work I have been slacking on my school work lately. I have just felt unmotivated to put much effort into my work or even improve it. Ever since I began applying to college I feel as if nothing really matters, unless my grades drop, well then it really matters. For the most part I do my work, I just don’t do it as well as I should. I have an essay due regarding “Death of a Salesman” being a tragedy or not. I have a feeling this essay will be a tragedy. Oh well

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